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    Frequently Asked Questions:

Availability of product:

What products are currently available for purchase?     1) Original Plasticoat is a low viscosity product that forms a colorless, transparent film, and is recommended for porous and/or textured substrates such as wood, rubber, concrete, brick, grout, etc.  2) Thickened Plasticoat also forms a colorless, transparent film, and is recommended for smooth non-porous substrates such as polished metal surfaces, smooth plastics and rubber, etc.  New:  3) Plasticoat Stain is slightly transparent to allow for the substrate's surface features to partially show through.  It is available in several colors.  Its intended use is primarily on wood surfaces.  4) Plasticoat Paint performs like a conventional latex paint.  It is available in a variety of colors, and in high-gloss, satin, and matte finishes.  (Color charts will be available soon for Plasticoat Stain and Plasticoat Paint)

Are additional products being developed?     We are working on 'marine formulations', designed to prevent algae growth on substrates that are submerged in water.  This product line will appeal to people who want the convenience of a three-in-one product -- paint, sealant, and anti-algae in one easy application.  A satin-finish version of Original Plasticoat will also be available soon.  This product will be specifically designed for applications on which the shinier finish produced by Original Plasticoat is not as desirable.  New products will be posted on the website when available for purchase.

Can I tint the product myself?     Yes.  Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat can be tinted with the acrylic paint pigment concentrates that may be available at your local paint or hardware store.  A semi-transparent Plasticoat Stain-type finish will be obtained. 

Application Temperature and Environment (outdoor):

What temperature range is best for application?     It is best to apply these products at temperatures above 50o F, otherwise a hazy final finish may result or the product may separate and become brittle.  Also, avoid direct sunlight during the heat of the day or these products may cure too quickly, and a smooth film may not form.  We recommend preparing a small inconspicuous test spot to ensure desired results.

What about substrate temperature?     Avoid applying on surfaces that are cold or uncomfortably warm to the touch because, in either case, a proper film may not form.

Can I apply these products in high-humidity?     Yes.  While high-humidity will cause the curing time to increase somewhat, it will not adversely affect the final result.

What if it is expected to rain?     Although it is recommended that the final coat on any substrate remain dry for several hours, once the film turns clear, the likelihood that rain-damage will occur is minimal.  This is especially true for vertical surfaces.  However, on polished metal substrates, at least 24 hours cure time is recommended.  On concrete substrates that will be driven on, at least 24 hours cure time is also recommended.  Otherwise, if an automobile is parked on the surface, the film may end up sticking to the bottom of the tires. 

Application Tools:

What types of applicators can be used?     Paint brushes, rollers, sponges, paper or cloth towels, clean brooms and mops (for broad surface coverage, e.g. concrete driveways), and/or spray equipment can be used to apply these products. 


How do I clean up when finished?     These products are water-soluble until cured so clean-up is quick and easy.  Clean all equipment with water, or detergent and water. 

First-Aid:  Although these products are non-toxic, here are some precautionary recommendations:

What do I need to do if ingested?     Contact a physician.  Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water.  Do not try to induce vomiting.

What if I get them in my eyes?     Flush eyes immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.  See a physician.

What if they get on my skin?     While skin contact is not harmful, and irritation is not anticipated, we recommend rinsing these products off before they are allowed to cure.  Removing and washing soiled clothing items before these products dry is also advised.  (We suggest using gloves when handling these products.)

Are the vapors harmful if inhaled?     These products have a mild, inoffensive odor, which is non-toxic.  However, we do recommend adequate air circulation during application.

Maintaining the finish:

How do I clean the surface after application?     Clean G-Plasticoat treated surfaces with a damp cloth.  If the surface has become stained, wipe with a mild detergent and water solution, rinse with water, and let dry. 

What if the surface stain does not come off?     In the unlikely event that a stain persists, even after washing with a detergent and water mix, simply remove the stained portion of the coating with rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, or acetone, rinse, let dry, and re-apply product to the affected area.

What cleaning products can I use?     Cleaning products that do not contain abrasives, mineral spirits, and/or organic solvents can be used on a G-Plasticoat treated surface.

How do I fix wear areas or scratches?     Simply re-apply product to the clean and dry surface.  There is no need to strip the surface first and start over.

Preparing the surface:  Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of any oily residues.  Our "How-to Manual" will be available soon to give more specific details on cleaning, preparing the surface, and applying G-Plasticoat to a variety of substrates.

How do I clean the surface before application?     Use cleaning agents appropriate for the substrate (e.g. wood may need "Wood Bleach" which is Oxalic Acid that is diluted 4oz/gal of water.  It will remove stains and lighten gray, weathered areas on the wood surface.)    Rinse well and let dry.

Can I power-wash the surface?     Power-washing a surface coated with G-Plasticoat is not recommended.  Use a high pressure hose instead.

Does the surface need to be dry?     These are water-based products and the substrate will need to be dry, clean, and free of wax & oils to perform as expected. 

Can I use a stain or paint first?     Both Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat can be applied over paint and stain.  On older, faded paint or stain, these products will partially to fully restore the color and luster.  The extent of restoration will depend on the condition of the substrate at the time it is treated.  If applying a fresh coat of paint or stain first, water-based products are recommended.  If an oil based paint or stain is applied, allow sufficient time for any oil residue to fully dissipate before applying G-Plasticoat (up to one month may be required for some stain products).  Otherwise, a proper film may not form.  G-Plasticoat inhibits peeling and cracking when applied on painted substrates.

Product Performance:

How long do they take to dry?     Drying times depend on the porosity of the surface, humidity, and temperature at the time of application.  Original Plasticoat and Plasticoat Stain usually take between 10 and 20 minutes to cure, while Thickened Plasticoat typically cures in 20 to 30 minutes.  Plasticoat Paint will take a few hours to cure.  As with all of the G-Plasticoat products, extended curing time makes for a stronger film formation.  If the film is allowed to become wet for an extended period of time shortly after curing, it may become temporarily slightly milky.  This milky appearance will dissipate quickly once the surface is dry, and will not recur once the film is thoroughly cured.  G-Plasticoat applied to driveways and garages should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours before parking an automobile on it.  Otherwise the coating may end up sticking to the tires.  

How often do I need to re-apply?     The need to re-apply will vary, and is dependent on the following factors:  1) High-traffic areas will wear faster than low-traffic areas, 2) Outdoor applications will wear faster than indoor applications, due to weathering. 3) The rate of weathering will vary with geographical region.   However, three G-Plasticoat benefits are: 1) It is quick and easy to re-apply to the damaged areas. 2) All of our products carry a 3 year warranty on high-traffic areas and 7 years on vertical and low-wear surfaces. 3) If re-applied to the wear areas in a timely fashion, damage to the substrate itself will be minimal.

Will these products stop mold?      Our entire G-Plasticoat line are mold and mildew inhibitors.  However, they are not designed to eliminate existing mold and mildew problems.  Pre-existing mold and mildew must be eliminated prior to application.  However, once applied, G-Plasticoat has proven extremely effective at preventing mold and mildew growth.

Will they peel off?     When all directions are followed, these products will not blister, peel, crack, chip, or yellow.

Can I use them on old surfaces?     Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat rejuvenate and protect weathered interior and exterior painted surfaces, and protect freshly coated interior and exterior painted surfaces from weathering.  Specifically, when applied to a painted surface that has become bleached and 'chalky' due to UV-induced oxidation, if there is still a reasonable amount of paint substance remaining, they are capable of partially to fully restoring the surface to its original color and luster.  The extent to which a surface is restored will depend on its condition at the time it is treated.  Remove chalky residue before applying.

Product Properties:

What color are the products?     Uncured Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat look very similar to 2% milk with respect to color, and opacity.  The final cured coatings are clear and colorless.  Plasticoat Stain has similar uncured opacity, and cures to a semi-transparent film that allows the surface features of the substrate to partially show through.  Plasticoat Paint has a conventional 'in can' and cured latex paint appearance.  Plasticoat Paint comes in high-gloss, satin and matte finishes.  The other products cure to a satin-to-shiny final appearance, depending on the substrate, and the number of coats applied.  (Color charts for Plasticoat Paint and Plasticoat Stain will be available soon). 

Will they be slippery when dry?     The coatings produced by our products are not slippery when dry.  However, as with any surface, they may become slick when wet. 

What temperatures can these products withstand?     The films produced by these products will maintain their integrity on the recommended substrates at all temperatures ranging from zero to three hundred degrees Fahrenheit (300o F).  It is anticipated that this range may extend to even lower and/or higher temperatures, however, this parameter has not been fully investigated.

Are They hazardous?      G-Plasticoat products do not qualify as Hazardous Materials (HazMats) as defined by the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR).


Do I need to wear safety goggles, gloves, or ventilate?     These products are not toxic or hazardous, however, it is recommended that safety goggles be worn to protect against splashing or spraying, the use of gloves to minimize skin contact, and adequate ventilation to minimize the possibility of respiratory irritation.

What if I have a large spill?     Dilute with water.  Use absorbent material to clean up any spills and dispose into a waste container.  Try to keep large spills from entering waterways and sewers.                       


How do I store these products?     Keep the containers properly sealed, out of direct sunlight, and do not allow contents to freeze.

How long will these products last in storage?     When stored as recommended, these products have a shelf-life of at least 1(one) year.

How do I know if these products have been damaged?     If these products become damaged, and no longer usable, their appearance will be significantly altered.  The resin solids will coagulate, and physically separate (settle out) from the water content, which will sit at the surface of the container. 


How long is the warranty?     If used as directed, these products are warranted for 7(seven) years on vertical and low-wear surfaces, and 3(three) years on high traffic areas.

What does the warranty cover?     The warranty is limited to the purchase price or product replacement only (not including sales tax and shipping charges).

How do I redeem my warranty?     Return proof of purchase along with a valid description of product failure to the manufacturer (if warranty card was returned to the manufacturer when purchase was made, this will suffice for proof of purchase).

How do I contact the manufacturer?     Contact the manufacturer at 314-440-0615 or mail the request to Miracle Shield Coatings, 563 Great Plains Drive, House Springs, MO, 63051

How long does it take for my replacement or refund to arrive?     Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.





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