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We would like to thank the Handyman Club of America Magazine Product Testers for their participation in the Handyman Club Product Test Program.  They tested Original Plasticoat on a variety of surfaces.  The following is a sampling of responses from the member product testers.


                            Tile & Grout:

                    Ralph Wehmeyer, Gerald, MO:                                 Ryan A Pyle, Lenexa, KS: 

                    “G-Plasticoat seems to be an excellent                            “I used this product on grout. 

                    material.  I used it on the tile floor of                               It seemed to repel water very well.”

                    our basement kitchenette”


                    Gary Emily, High Ridge, MO:                                   Michael Etherington,

                    “I used this product on a wood desk top                          Etherington Construction, Titonka, IA:

                    that I refinished.  (It) has been tested by                         “It seems to protect the wood trim around

                    spilling soda & coffee on it.  …still looked                       high moisture areas in a bath or kitchen

                    as good as it did when it was first done.”                         area better than a varnish or polyurethane.”



                    Richard J Loneman, Lee’s Summit, MO:                 Verne Grimm, Wentzville, MO:        

                    “…the (Iron) Table Saw surface has never been             “I applied …to my drill press table … it

                    smoother even when it was new.  Also I no                    dried to a smooth durable finish.  I would

                    longer have to worry about the surface rusting.”              recommend this for any metal surface.” 



                    Sarah M Richart, Saint Louis, MO:                           George L Brown, Mindenmines, MO:

                    “I used this on the (ambulance) patient                            “I did a test on my…home’s vinyl in a spot

                    compartment, poured vinyl floor.. It handles                    where the sun had bleached it out.  I plan to

                    the extreme wear and tear …very well”                         purchase enough…to do my entire house.”






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