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            Stir well before use.  Do NOT dilute; do NOT shake.  Store above freezing.

            Hint                                                        Example                                                     Tip

G-Plasticoat is a water based product and any oil-based products on the substrate may prevent proper curing. 


  Oil-based stain on a wood deck.   *Use water based paints and stains when possible or allow oils in these types of products to cure for at least one month and remove any residual oil before applying G-Plasticoat*

Note: Cedar contains natural oils

               Hint             Example              Tip
Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat form clear, colorless films.  The substrate will remain visible.  Any surface imperfections will not be hidden.   Oil stains on the garage floor will remain visible.   *Clean surfaces and perform repairs first.  All surfaces should appear as desired before applying*
               Hint             Example               Tip
G-Plasticoat is a surface coating and not a filler composition. Will not fill large cracks in concrete driveways. *Use appropriate filler products first and then apply G-Plasticoat*
                Hint            Example              Tip
Applying Original Plasticoat or Plasticoat Stain with a wipe applicator and a brisk scrubbing-type action could cause excessive foaming which may not completely dissipate before curing. Applying these products on a deck or garage door in direct sunlight during the heat of the day. *Employ a smooth application motion using a properly wetted applicator.  Do not apply in direct sunlight during the heat of the day*
                Hint             Example               Tip
G-Plasticoat is easy cleanup after any application. Spray applicators, brushes, cloth applicators, rollers and containers. *Clean up with water before product cures to avoid plastic buildup on equipment*
                Hint             Example                Tip
G-Plasticoat cures faster under warm, low-humidity conditions. Apply on exterior surfaces during warm weather conditions and the second coat may be applied within ten to twenty minutes. *Avoid applying in direct sunlight on hot days (especially when spraying) and when temperatures drop below 55o F*
                Hint             Example                Tip
G-Plasticoat  inhibits corrosion on metal surfaces.  Use on steel to inhibit rusting and on aluminum to prevent corrosion.


*G-Plasticoat may be applied over rust neutralizing products to inhibit additional rusting*

                Hint              Example                Tip
G-Plasticoat inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Use on surfaces that are susceptible to mold growth such as exterior siding, concrete, and bathrooms. *Remove existing mold and mildew first, before applying G-Plasticoat*
                Hint              Example                Tip

Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat produce a satin-to-gloss finish on most surfaces.

Restore the color and luster on weathered painted surfaces.  Put a shine on a concrete patio, birdbath, etc. *Apply additional coats to obtain a higher-gloss finish*
               Hint              Example               Tip
Original Plasticoat and Plasticoat Stain are low-viscosity and may run and leave drip marks. Spraying on a smooth vertical surface may cause these products to run and drip.

*Use a cloth, brush, or roller to smooth-out drips before they cure*


                Hint              Example               Tip
For the best results, choose the right applicator for the job. Use a white lint free cloth when applying to smooth surfaces such as counter tops, cabinets, etc. *Employ a smooth application motion with a properly wetted applicator*

Note: Put wetted cloth applicators in a zip-lock bag for short term storage

                Hint                Example                 Tip
G-Plasticoat products may not wet evenly (i.e. may produce a streaky finish) on very smooth, non-porous "high-gloss" substrates.   High-gloss tile or smooth metal surfaces.   *Use a primer first on these applications.  Prepare a small, inconspicuous test spot first to ensure desired results*


               Example                 Tip
G-Plasticoat dries quickly and levels efficiently.  Avoid over-brushing, which may leave brush strokes on the film.   Continuing to brush or roll when the film is setting up.   *Don't over-work the application.  Just brush long enough to smooth out any potential drips or excessive sag areas*


               Example                 Tip
Plasticoat Stain is semi-transparent, so allows substrate surface features to partially show through.   Growth rings and knots on wood decking materials.   *Two coats are recommended.  Additional coats will allow less of the surface features to show through*


               Example                 Tip
Temperature is vital for proper film formation of G-Plasticoat products.   Applying in temperatures under 55 F may cause the film to separate and become brittle.   *Apply product in temperatures above 55 F and avoid direct sunlight in the heat of the day*

Always be sure the surface is clean, free of wax & oils, and dry, before applying G-Plasticoat.  Prepare a small test spot on an inconspicuous part of the substrate to ensure desired results.  Keep water away from the coating until cured.





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