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Company History





          Miracle Shield Coatings was founded in 2001 by Clifford R. Holloman in St. Louis, Missouri.  Initially, the company was manufacturing and marketing only one product exclusively, under the name G-Plasticoat. 

          In 2005, the company's Executive Administrator, Leslie J. Sebo had the vision to develop a new environmentally friendly version of the original product, and to also make it an anti-fungal composition.  And in 2006, had the vision to develop the product into a line of paints.

          The Product Development Chemist and the Executive Administrator, Leslie J. Sebo, initiated extensive research for the purpose of building this new line of products; focusing on creating low VOC, non-HazMat and anti-mold products that offer a variety of substrate protection benefits against the damaging affects of UV radiation, and moisture, which include: anti-chalk, anti-bleach, anti-mold, and protection against oxidation, corrosion, dry rot, and water damage.  Food-grade products are also available. 

          The G-Plasticoat product line has been expanded for the purpose of accommodating consumer needs in several preventative maintenance areas.  Our product line currently includes: Original Plasticoat, Plasticoat Stain, Thickened Plasticoat, Plasticoat Paint (high-gloss, satin, and matte finish), and Automotive Plasticoat (an automotive clear coat formulation). 

          Miracle Shield Coatings is continually developing additional products.  A soon to be available product is Plasticoat Tire Paint.  This product is a polymer tire dressing that forms a shiny-black finish that is more durable than conventional tire dressings.

          A line of anti-algae marine formulations (Marine Plasticoat - clear coat and paints) is also anticipated.


Mission Statement    

Miracle Shield Coatings is a coatings specialist company.  We strive to provide the highest

quality, and environmentally safe products.  We make every effort to constantly develop

and grow using the latest-available technologies in our industry, while excelling in customer

service.  Our commitment is to provide the best possible solutions to meet our client's on-going

coating needs, while  maintaining competitive pricing.





 Privacy Policy

We pledge to you, our on-going and prospective customers, that any and all personal information that is provided to us, either by phone, fax, email or in person, including name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, occupation, and any other information that may be regarded as personal and private will be held in strictest confidence.  We will not sell nor provide any of this information to any individual or business that is not directly affiliated with Miracle Shield Coatings without your consent, unless required by law.

Because we are constantly improving upon and diversifying our product line, the information provided on this website may not be current.  We will make every effort to update the website in a timely manner.  Also, while our goal is to provide enough information on this website to help you make an informed decision, Miracle Shield Coatings cannot ensure or guarantee that our product (s) will meet your particular needs or requirements.  Please contact us to determine if our products are suitable for you particular application.

You may view and print any information provided on this website for your own personal use.  However, all of the information provided on this website may not be used

 for resale or any other commercial exploitation.  Any non-personal use of this information, logo, etc., without Miracle Shield Coatings written approval, is strictly prohibited.


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