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Metal Surfaces:

G-Plasticoat inhibits corrosion on metal surfaces.  On steel, it inhibits rust.  On aluminum, it inhibits oxidation and pitting.  Corrosion (or oxidation) on metal surfaces is caused by a reaction between the metal, water, and oxygen.  Many items such as outdoor lawn furniture, metal sheds, nuts and bolts, heads of embedded screws, automobile battery terminals, etc. may all be protected with these products.  Also, when applied to surfaces that are already corroded, such as rust spots on automobiles, these products will effectively seal the surface, thus inhibiting further damage.  G-Plasticoat may also be applied over other commercially available rust neutralizing products such as Rust Mort.  In fact, if the metal substrate has evidence of existing rust, it is highly recommended to apply a rust neutralizing product (Rust Mort has been successfully tested with G-Plasticoat products) to the area before application of the products to ensure the most beneficial rust inhibiting properties. 

When applied on painted metal items such as mailboxes and fences, Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat protect the paint from bleaching and becoming 'chalky'.  They will also restore the color and luster on faded painted surfaces.  The extent of restoration will depend on the condition of the substrate at the time it is treated.  They also inhibit chipping and scratches.  For additional information, please read the 'painted surfaces' application note.

Metal surfaces are especially prone to constant expansion and contraction, due to both daily and seasonal temperature changes.  Due to the flexible and stretchable nature of G-Plasticoat products, they will not chip, or peel, unlike most paints, lacquers and varnishes, and they will not yellow with age.  G-Plasticoat also withstands temperatures up to 300o F, so may be used on surfaces that get hot during use.  Original Plasticoat and Plasticoat Paint have been applied to automobile engine blocks and heads, and then subjected to several months of typical engine operating temperatures, and they did not blister, peel, or discolor.  There were no discernable signs of damage.  G-Plasticoat is not affected by most common acids and bases, so may also be used to protect metal items that are exposed to corrosive conditions.

Original Plasticoat, Thickened Plasticoat, and Plasticoat Paint are recommended on rusted or corroded metal substrates, and on brushed metal surfaces.  Thickened Plasticoat and Plasticoat Paint are recommended on smooth metal substrates.  Original Plasticoat does not always wet evenly on smooth surfaces.  Periodic inspection of treated areas on high surface wear items such as automobiles is also recommended.  Places where the coating appears to be wearing thin should be recoated.  On items that are tarnished, use an appropriate cleaner first, and then remove any remaining cleaner residue, before applying these products.  Denatured or rubbing alcohol may be used to remove the residue.  Two coats are recommended for most applications.






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