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Wood Surfaces:

G-Plasticoat inhibits water damage, mold, mildew, stains, and UV-induced bleaching on exterior wood surfaces.  It also seals in the natural oils, which keeps the wood from drying out and becoming brittle and splitting.  Outdoor applications include, but are not limited to: decks, fences, gazebos, arbors, natural wood siding, shingles, etc.  Original Plasticoat, Plasticoat Stain, and Plasticoat Paint are all recommended for these applications.  Plasticoat Paint is anti-mold and anti-chalk.  G-Plasticoat works well on all types of hard and soft wood, including teak and pressure-treated wood.  It may be applied over existing finishes.  Prepare a small test area in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure desired results.

Indoor applications include, but are not limited to, both finished and unfinished: cabinetry, furniture, chairs, picture frames, shelving, hand-crafted items, etc.  G-Plasticoat may be used to repair blemishes on wood furniture due to minor scratches or scuffs.  Also, it may be used to seal bare, stained, lacquered and/or varnished wood furniture to inhibit water marks caused by moist flower pots or condensation from cold drinking glasses, etc.  G-Plasticoat also inhibits stain formation from foods, most common cleaning products, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.

On both interior and exterior applications, Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat will partially to fully restore the color and luster when applied over faded and weathered painted, stained, and varnished wood surfaces.  The extent to which an existing finish is restored will depend on its condition at the time it is treated.  These two products usually enhance the color and luster of bare wood surfaces as well.

Note:  Thickened Plasticoat should be used on new-looking, smooth lacquered and varnished surfaces.  Original Plasticoat usually does not wet evenly on these types of surfaces.  However, both Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat may be used to rejuvenate older, weathered lacquered and varnished surfaces.  For best results, make sure that the surface to be treated is free of wax and oily substances such as food stains, furniture polish, etc. 

At least two coats are recommended for these applications.  Caution: Some types of wood, such as cedar, contain natural oils.  Allow the oils from these types of wood to dissipate before applying G-Plasticoat.  Also, avoid applying over oil-based coatings, such as stains, that are not completely cured, because any residual oil may prevent proper curing and film formation.  Large exterior surfaces treated with G-Plasticoat may be cleaned with a hose.  A mild detergent and water solution should be used on persistent stains.  A damp sponge or cloth is recommended on interior surfaces.  Avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals.





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