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G-Plasticoat prevents rubber from drying out, hardening, and eventually cracking.  These degrading effects are caused by a UV-induced reaction between rubber and ozone.  Such damaged rubber, in turn, is more susceptible to dry rot.  Dry rot is a decay process caused by various types of fungi.  Dry rot ultimately reduces the once supple, flexible rubber to a fine powder.  Outdoor items that are exposed to direct sunlight are more susceptible to hardening and cracking.  Items that are also exposed to moisture, including high humidity, are more likely to develop dry rot.

Original Plasticoat and Thickened Plasticoat are the recommended G-Plasticoat products for this application.  Original Plasticoat offers greater surface area coverage, faster application, and a shorter curing time.  Thickened Plasticoat produces a thicker final film.  Both products will not crack, chip, or peel, and do not yellow with age.  As with vinyl and plastic, these products enhance both the color and luster on new rubber surfaces and will partially to fully restore the color and luster on older, weathered surfaces.  The extent to which a surface is restored will depend on its condition at the time it is treated. 

On items where surface wear is anticipated, such as bicycle and motorcycle grips, G-Plasticoat will wear instead of the surface to which it is applied, thus extending the life of the surface.  Consequently, if the coating itself begins to wear thin, as evidenced by a loss of luster and/or renewed color fading, a fresh coat may be applied to the cleaned surface with no additional surface preparation.

Suggested applications include, but are not limited to: tire walls (not the treads), and various other rubber items on automobiles, motor cycles, and bicycles, including hoses, trailer and farm equipment parts, etc.  Note:  G-Plasticoat will withstand temperatures up to 300o F without blistering, cracking, peeling, or discoloring, so may be applied on surfaces that get hot during use.





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