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To: Miracle Shield Coatings L.L.C.

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From: L & L Distributing

Ben and Kim Leavell

Hamilton, OH


Subject: G-Plasticoat

The following is an account of our experience with G-Plasticoat application and wear.


Ben Leavell is Operations Manager for Ernst Enterprises, whose main business is delivery of concrete. The trucks used to deliver concrete are front-end loaders. As a part of everday use, concrete will dry up and accumulate on the trucks. The drivers of the trucks are responsible for maintaining cleanliness (among other things) of their unit. Normally, this includes washing the truck down after the delivery of every load. Unfortunately, this does not remove everything; therefore, a more thorough washdown with an acid solution is necessary about twice a week. As a result, the trucks rust, lowering their resale value. Ben had been looking for a way to prevent the trucks from rusting for some time. Over the past couple of years he has tried several products. His experience has been that they either had no effect or needed to be reapplied frequently, making them cost prohibitive and time consuming. This is where G-Plasticoat comes in.


On November 15th, 2001, three coats of G-Plasticoat were applied to one Ernst Concrete truck. The entire truck including the frame, suspension and aluminum rims were covered. Rust was already present on this unit. During application the product had a tendency to run, making the first coat appear uneven with drip marks apparent. By the time the second and third coats were applied and dried the majority of this was unnoticeable.

Some results were evident immediately. The G-Plasticoat created a clean shine to the painted body of the truck, making it appear newer. Additionally, the driver of the unit commented that his washdown after a delivery was quicker and easier. Water runs off the unit like it was newly waxed.

After four months on the truck the driver has only needed to use the acid solution one time to remove dried concrete. Also, the rust on the frame and tag axle has been put into remission. No additional rust has appeared.

These results are so encouraging that the Cincinnati Division of Ernst Enterprises has decided to coat every truck with G-Plasticoat. Several other divisions have followed suit based on this information. Eventually, we expect every division, every truck will be coated.








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